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I created Blue Raven Circle of Light in 2005 to help restore harmony, or Ayni, to people, places, animals, communities and the planet through shamanic based energetic healing interventions. The Ancients knew that in addition to our body and mind we all have an energetic consciousness, or field, that affects the other two. Like the blueprints for a house define its structure, our energy field defines the types of experiences, behaviors and perceptions we manifest in our lifetime. An energy field that is distorted with imprints from our past cannot resonate properly with the forces of Nature that keep us vibrant and vital. The resulting blocks, neurosis, injury and illness keep us from the trajectories of our original destinies.

The Quero Indians of Peru use the word “Ayni,” or “right relationship,” when they speak of restoring harmony. It also means “Yes!” When we are in Ayni rain falls where it is needed, friends call when we are blue and ailing minds and bodies heal. As we clear and restore our energetic selves from the imprints of our past we realign with the Natural World reclaiming our brilliance and the high destinies we came into this world with; miracles happen, people shine and the planet thrives!

All we have to do is say, "Yes!"


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